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    + Your trademark filing through Barber Legal includes a trademarkability search in the US Trademark Office's computer system and a consultation after the search. + We can also help obtain your domain name. + Prices vary, for a typical case our fee is about $1500.
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    Provisional Patent Applications
    + Under new standards, your provisional application should be as complete as possible. Our provisional applications are written to include a family of claims and are longer than the NON-provisional applications offered by most "patent mills". This will get you into legal "patent pending" status. + For a straightforward mechanical / consumer device, your fee is likely to be approximately $1500 to $2000.
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    Utility Applications
    + A real utility application written by Prof. Barber. This will get you a year or two down the road with protection in process. + Fees vary depending upon subject matter. For straightforward inventions, the fees are well under $5000, more complex devices are a bit more. + Compare our fees to others! Most big law firms charge triple this much, most small law firms charge 50% more than we do.
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    Free Consultation
    + Don't pay for your initial consultations! You're going to need to ask the basics, get a feel for how patent applications proceed, and comparison shop! + Professor Barber has 20 years of patent law experience and has counseled hundreds of new inventors and small business people! Take advantage of his experience! + Call today for a free initial consultation! + This element represents the description field. + This element represents the description field.
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