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About Mr. Barber
Professor Barber has 20 years of experience as a patent agent, patent attorney, college law professor, international speaker and more years as an engineer and programmer. 
   Prof. Craig W. Barber is an attorney at law, and also a patent attorney registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  He has been a professor of patent, trademark & copyright law, as well as a professor of business transactions, international law, business law, constitutional law and leadership.   He also served as an Associate Dean of Solbridge International School of Business.  
   Mr. Barber earned a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, 1986, a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies, 1991, and a Juris Doctorate, 1995, from the University of Colorado. He served as a professional researcher for the Space and Flight Laboratory, and as a programmer/analyst for KAMAN Science Corporation in support of the NORAD Space Surveillance Center. A patent agent prior to graduation from law school, he became a patent attorney at the time of his admission to the Colorado Bar.
   As an attorney and patent attorney, he has worked not only with US patent attorneys but also with leading Asian patent attorneys at the WONJON International IP Law Firm. Mr. Barber has also done legal writing, teaching and administration for the Center for Legal Studies, and Solbridge International School of Business, and his technical experience as an engineer and patent attorney spans diverse areas of technology: mechanical devices, software, computers, storage devices, telecommunications, business methods, explosives, chemistry, plumbing, rice cookers, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, semiconductors, electronics, furniture, building materials, thermodynamic devices and much more. Clients of the firm are located in Colorado and around the world, and range in size from individuals just starting their business to large corporations.

   You are not alone in the complex and frankly sometimes painful process of obtaining protection for your logos, inventions, business names, your materials and more. 
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