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     The Law Office of Craig W. Barber, a proud part of the Optima Law Group, serves inventors, small businesses, and entrepreneurs, from around Colorado and around the world.
 We offer you trademark, copyright & patent applications including design patents, utility patents, provisional patent applications, international (PCT) application, patent searches and more! 

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Small Business
You have a business.  You need protection.  We can do it. 
Whether you need to protect your business name, your innovations, or need a contract with your business associates, we can help.  With 20 years of experience in the practice of law, we've seen a wide variety of situations which businesses find themselves in, and if we can't help, we promise we'll refer you to an experienced and trustworthy attorney who can.  We've been advising and helping small business people from around the world and right down the street, and we'll help you with your problems.  
   You have an invention, you want to begin reap the benefits of your invention, but you know that you'll need protection for your idea. 
   It's time for patent protection, but you need to be certain that you hire the right person to protect your invention.  Don't hesitate to call us!  Don't hesitate to call around, gather information, and learn the basics. 
   Give us a call today and ask your questions in a free initial consultation.  Mr. Barber has years of teaching experience, as a law professor in college, an international speaker, teaching other legal professionals and of course, helping guide inventors and small businesses as they start the patent process.  Take advantage of the chance to speak with a real live human being!